The Gate

Q: How can I get a Gate Access Code or PIN?

A: Most residents have a PIN that allows them to open the gate via the key pad. If you need a PIN, please send your request to We will assign one to you. Please note: You cannot choose your own PIN.

Q: Can I buy my own remote or do I have to purchase one from the association?

A: You may buy your own, but it must be 300 Mhz and have a ten dip switch capability. If you want to purchase remotes from the association, please send an email to Current cost is $15 per remote.

Q: Can I view the gate security camera feed?

A: Yes. If you are interested in viewing the camera feed, please send an email to asking to be included on the list. You must be a resident or lot owner. Please include your name, property address (for verification), and email address. If you do not include your email address, you cannot view the camera feed; that is a requirement of the camera system software. Once your name is entered into the system, you should be able to view the gate area twenty-four hours per day. You will only see the live camera view.  If you need to look back in time for someone accessing the gate area, contact the board with your request.

Q: How do I let someone in the gate over the phone (remote access)?

A: This function allows a resident to open the gate remotely for a visitor. When a visitor calls you from the gate keypad, the assigned access code for your phone number will be displayed on the keypad screen. The visitor dials your access code, the gate calls your number, and you can grant access to the Branch. Please note: Your actual phone number is not visible at any time. You have approximately forty seconds to identify the caller. Once you have done so, pressing 5 on your phone will open the gate remotely and allow your guest to enter the Branch. The phone number you will see on your phone is (470)-298-8539. This is the identifying number for the gate. Once you press 5, your call will end.

Q: I am having some work done at my house. Can I get a temporary PIN to allow my contractor to open the gate?

A: Yes. RPINs are a limited-use code that can be issued to realtors, service providers, or contractors for a specific project. The person issued the code can then dial in the code at the gate directory key pad to open the gate. Please send your request to