Governing Documents

Restrictive Covenants (3/5/1973)

The oldest restrictive covenants, dated March 5, 1973, are found in book 2088, page 25. These covenants, which established guidelines for what owners can and cannot do with their land on Boston Branch Circle, affected lots 1 – 68 of Boston Branch. The restrictions did not provide for an association to be established.

Note: Some original lots were renumbered, so your documents may have a two-lot number reference.

Restrictive Covenants, Little Bend (3/18/1975)

The next restrictive covenants, dated March 18, 1975, which encumber lots 1 – 60 of Little Bend addition, are found in book 2227, page 104. These restrictions also did not provide for an association to be established.

Note: Building square-foot requirements differ from those for Boston Branch Circle.

Restrictive Covenants, Revised (3/11/1977)

The third set of restrictions, dated March 11, 1977, recorded in book 2386, page 165, exclude certain lots in Boston Branch subdivision and the Little Bend addition to Boston Branch subdivision.

Charter of the Association (3/11/1977)

The charter of the association, established in March 1977, is recorded in book 2389, page 165, and defines the purpose, organization, and controls of the association.

By-Laws of the Association (1991)

The by-laws of the association, ratified in 1991, govern how the board of directors functions day-to-day in support of the association.

Rules & Regulations (2016)

The rules and regulations of the Boston Branch subdivision, updated in 2016, govern how members and their guests can use the common areas owned by the association, as well as provide rules for everyone’s general safety.

Rules & Regulations (1993)

For reference only, as this set of rules has been superseded by the 2016 document.